cookie cutter world

September 18, 2008

Soon the boxes will arrive. Neat little boxes in which to pack my entire life.

To say I cannot wait to move is an understatement. My feet are itchy and I need to move. I have outgrown this piece of suburbia and need to feel new grass beneath my feet.

My family comes in fluctutations this week. One child away at camp, the husband away at work, a sleep over and a child curled on the couch playing hookey from school. They all pass each other like ships in the night. And yet I remain. Always here, never there, never going, never gone.  Sometimes I tire of being the known constant….just once in a while I would love to be the unknown integer…..

food for thought….send me an email about your sexual experiences with members of the same sex, or an email of why you never could go there. Or your fantasies you would never fulfill and why.  pierah@aol.com


Mother is a mchine

October 3, 2007

This afternoon a miracle occured. I mean a real bonafide miracle. Not just the insane ramblings of a woman hocked up on antihistamines trying to get through the school holidays with grace and dignity and all three children still containing their limbs and breathing abilities, but the real McCoy, walking on water, parting the sea, turning water to wine kind of deal.

Unfortunately the miracle that occured did not contain a long lost Daddy Wharbucks, or the floor of my sons bedroom becoming visible; nor did my ass suddenly regain it’s former glory and lift itself from banging against the backs of my knees; but a girl has her right to a fantasy or two…..

What did happen was this.

A few months ago, I got WiFi broadband. It lasted two days. Whilst I could connect to the internet, I couldn’t actually DO anything on it. I couldn’t log into my account, I couldn’t even log into ebay. So I pulled it all apart and sent it back to telstra with a big thanks but no thanks.

A month later, I recieved a bill. For $470. (The modem and the early termination of contract fee.) I couldn’t believe it. Not only had I sent the modem back, I had the service for two days! I was outraged. Especially considering that I only signed up because the guy flogging bigpond to me specifically said I had ten days in which I could peruse and then terminate should I choose. Of course there is a lesson in there on not taking anything at face value and actually reading the TOS. (Red face moment there, I should know better)

To cut a long story and several tirades short, I recieved an outstanding notice today. Because I had paid the phone and mobile bills, but not the bigpond bill (I was contesting, I sent the modem back, there was no way I was paying for it and I figured I had no choice with the ETF, but the ETF wasn’t due until tomorrow anyway.) there was an outstanding debt. It didn’t state it was a bigpond issue, it was just an amount. So I called Telstra. Because aside from the bigpond charges, my bills were up to date. I have issues with bills, I cannot have overdue notices, they induce insomnia- so generally my bills are always paid either well before or on the date they are due.

It must have been my lucky day because I got Kelly. Kelly was wonderful. She went through the last three bills with me, item by item and amazingly took my anal retention in her stride. She managed to do the unthinkable. She reduced a $710 bill to a mere $236!! She tracked down the modem I had sent back, she even had my ETF taken care of. In short, Kelly restored my faith in Telstra. Big corporations are generally machines, with no ethics or thought of the people who pay for their services, their sole obssession profit margins and top dollar for shareholders. Finally, some common sense prevailed. Someone actually decided that charging a woman $330 for terminating a service she had for two days was ridiculous.

See, bona fide miracle. Thank you Kelly. Telstra is lucky to have you.


Absent note

September 30, 2007

Dear Intrawebs,

Please excuse my absence and lack of posting of late, it’s not that I am not online, it’s that my body is not coping well with allergies right now, so forming coherant and reasonably intelligent sentences has proven a bit of a challenge.

Couple that with the innate fear of not being clear(at least as clear as I get)….and you have an absent blogger.




The Fatality list: 8 fingernails and counting

September 18, 2007

They’re gone. A slow exhalation, a deep inhalation, coughing and gagging on the smell of stale cigarettes they left behind and normality can once again return. 

 I love these people I really do. They raised my husband, the man I chose to marry and procreate with so they aren’t all bad. In fact they aren’t bad at all, they’re just old and rigid in their thoughts and ways.

I made a point of allowing the children free reign with the childrens channels in a bid to avoid the mix of current affairs and my inlaws. With my husband working 16 hour days he wasn’t around enough to be an effective buffer between them and me. Provided our conversations stuck to the weather, the children and family, we were good. So I shut my mouth stood back and let my MIL do my housework. Which kept the peace. I have to go air my house and spray every room. All I can smell is the odour of cigarettes, beer, coffee and Tabu.

I need to refuel on real coffee (not this instant crap my inlaws insist on drinking) and check my emails. But we all survived. Aside from the loss of 7 and a half fingernails, and some serious teeth grinding, all is well.  


I used to have unbitten fingernails…..

September 13, 2007

My inlaws arrive today. For five days.

Let the tongue biting, hand sitting and teeth grinding commence.


Mind Dumping

September 12, 2007

I was thinking to day about writing methods. Since, I seem to have done very little writing in the past week. Of anything. the blog serves as a means of writing something. With the slim hope that will fire up enough anything into myself to make me keep writing something of substance long after I hit the publish button.

Yesterday as I sat drinking a cup of coffee, I scribbled notes, ambiguous, abstract notes of something that has been stirring in my mind for a long time.  I have paper all over the house with scribbles and scrawls, sometimes just a single word, stained napkins with a paragraph or random thought, post it notes stuck to random surfaces….in short my entire house is a notebook full of my scribblings.

Yet very few of those scribbles ever make it into anything concrete. And the purpose of this post? Nothing. I am mind dumping. Writing myself in circles, waiting for lightning to strike.

And wondering if anything more will come after I hit publish……..


Because I was bored…..

September 9, 2007

<a href=”http://www.nerdtests.com/nt2ref.html“>
<img src=”http://www.nerdtests.com/images/badge/nt2/db9be67e08b479a8.png” alt=”NerdTests.com says I’m an Uber-Dorky Nerd Queen.  What are you?  Click here!”>

Uber Dorky Nerd Queen I may be, apparently pasting simple code into a blog isn’t part of my uber dorky royalness. I’ll get it eventually, it’ll come to me at 3am and I’ll drag my sorry techno-impaired ass out of bed purely to fix the broken code because I am anal and don’t like messy code in my blog.

 My apologies for screwing up the view.